Welcome to the NEW ERA of Instant messaging better known as texting but is more fun and has the ability to show REAL EMOTION using an iGAB 3D Avatar!!!

Meet The Gabbers

What is iGab?

Let iGab 3D Voice messaging bring your messages to life! Just pick your favorite animated 3D character and let them “do the talking”.

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So, if you’re tired of boring text messages or voice calls…endlessly “gabbing” on the phone…we have made messaging a little more fun. iGab lets you send personalized messages using your voice and a 3D Gabber. You can even have your Gabber deliver your message with emotion…happy, sad, or angry!

Meet The Team...

We are proud to present “The Gabbers”. We have Ruby the dragon, Mack the Shark, i.G. the Alien, Jaz the Grasshopper, and Tucker the Turtle. Come and learn more about the iGAB 3D Avatars !!!

Meet The Gabbers!

The Gab Crew

Mack The Shark

Ever met a shark and thought “I really must make a point of seeing them again”? Probably not. But that’s not because all sharks are evil – it’s because if you saw a shark coming, you’d swim in the other direction faster than Michael Phelps. That’s what always happened to Mack. He was the friendliest shark in the Seven Seas and all he ever wanted to do was chat to the fish, squid, and maybe the odd diver. But every time Mack flashed that toothy grin and swam over to anyone, they’d be gone before he’d had a chance to utter a word. Mack had no friends and his iPhone had never received a message. Things were looking dark for this shark.

But Mack’s luck was about to change. Our dragon Ruby had heard gossip from one of her friends (probably a mermaid) about the shark’s subaquatic sadness. In no time at all, Rudy had iGabbed Mack his first ever message! As soon as Mack’s fellow sea chums saw he had a friend in high places (who doesn’t respect a dragon?), the shark became flavor of the month! Now everyone wants to say “hi”. He gets iGab messages every minute of the day. Most of them compliment him on his lovely white teeth too.

I.G. The Alien

I.G. was an alien who wanted to go places. That’s why he decided to take a gap light year from his studies at the University of Jababble (that’s roughly 500 billion miles from Earth), pimp up his intergalactic camper van, and go traveling across the universe. But there was a problem. Every new planet he went to, I.G. couldn’t understand or be understood by the locals. Talk about lost in translation.

It just so happened that I.G.’s next trip was to Planet Earth. And when Mack found out about the alien’s troubles, he sent him the new iGab app. Soon, I.G. was gabbing away to some of the best language teachers in the universe, and picking up useful lingo left, right and center! Now I.G. can go to any planet he wants, safe in the knowledge he can ask where the nearest bar is. Phew.

Jazz The Grasshopper

Jaz was a grass fiend. And when we say grass, we mean grass. Tall grass, wavy grass, green grass, field grass, wheatgrass – he loved it all. Well, we’ve all got to have our hobbies. And seeing as Jaz was a grasshopper, his made sense. There was nothing Jaz liked more than to collect rare strands of grass, stick them in his book of grass cuttings, and show them off to other grasshoppers. But Jaz was allergic to grass. And every time he went to show people his collection, he started SNEEZING very loudly all over the place. No one could understand a single… ATCHOO!… word… ATCHOOO… he was… ATCHOOOO! Well you get the idea.

In fact, Jaz sneezed so loudly, even I.G. could hear him from a few galaxies away. Recognizing a fellow Gabber in distress, I.G. iGabbed Jaz an instant cure for hay fever, which he’d picked up on his travels on the Planet Pollen. Now Jaz is hopping from country to country, taking his grass collection on a world tour. And so far, his tour has been utterly sneezeless.

Ruby The Dragon

Ruby the dragon looooved gossip. And living in a make-believe kingdom, there was plenty to go around. She knew all about the trendiest magic spells, which princess was sleeping with which prince – that sort of thing. But Rudy lived in a cave. High up in a remote mountain. And her wings were so tiny that she couldn’t fly far at all. Do you know how difficult that makes it to spread gossip? No one ever came to Ruby’s place, and her wings wouldn’t take her as far as theirs. Ruby was in a flap.

But someone out there had heard this damsel in distress. Because one morning, Ruby found something on the doorstep (or whatever caves have instead of doorsteps). It was a brand new iPhone 5, and on it was the iGab app. As quick as you can say “Sir Galahad had a weird name”, Ruby was able to gab all the latest goss from the kingdom to her friends. iGab.

Tucker The Turtle

Ever get a little shy? Bet you’ve never felt quite as shy as Tucker. This was one turtle who was always hiding away in his shell. For some reason unknown even to himself, Tucker was perpetually afraid of being turned into soup (the proper name for this is Bowlophobia). Whenever he was approached by others – even other turtles, who do not even like turtle soup – Ridley would retreat into his shell and pretend he was a rock. Not a good look for picking up female turtles.

Jaz was on his world tour, when one of his grass groupies told him the sad story of Tucker. Jaz instantly felt for Tucker, but knew the turtle would never answer his shell if he came a-knocking. Instead, he sent an iGab message to Tucker’s phone, giving him a few style tips to boost his confidence (since being on his tour, the grasshopper had his own stylist). Soon after he got this gift of iGab, Tucker came out of his shell sporting a monocle and bowtie. By the end of the day, he had a lady turtle on each of his four webbed feet. Just last week, Tucker was voted Sexiest Bachelor Turtle for the second year running. Way to go, you desirable reptile, you!

Kentucky Chicken

Hatched in a chicken factory in the middle of Nothingsville (that’s in Vapid County), Kentucky Chicken’s future was looking bleak. All the chickens in the factory looked and acted exactly the same. And because of that they didn’t even talk to each other... Y-A-W-N. Kentucky knew he was different. All he ever dreamed of doing was busting out of his cage and DANCING! But all he could do was watch endless dance videos on his phone. Clucking boring.

That is, until Kentucky Chicken downloaded iGab onto his phone. He got iGabbing to Antenna and Gekko. And it was with these two that a fantastic plan was hatched.... Antenna grouped together every single one of her ant pals and got them to break Kentucky loose (it takes exactly 5,000 ants to open a chicken’s cell). The chick was so cockahoop, that he invented a new dance there and then – the Chicken Strut. The other chickens went WILD for it! So wild, in fact, that Kentucky busted out his new feathered friends, and they all went free range. These days Kentucky and co have their own dancing academy, teaching those with itchy chicken feet how to do the Chicken Strut.

Bella The Insect

It’s no secret – ants are tiny. But Bella was a particularly tiny ant, with particularly small legs. And when you’ve got 2,000 friends and can only move 20 inches a day – like Bella – it’s impossible to keep up with them all. This poor ant needed to speed up somehow, or she was going to start losing pals fast.

One thing Bella did like about her body was her antennae – these were better than any phone, and as soon as they got wind of the new iGab app, downloaded it in a second. In no time, Bella was iGabbing with Tucker, who suggested to her one of his ingenious problem-solving ideas... mechanical wings! Soon, Bella had had them delivered, and was a fully-fledged FLYING ant! Now Bella whizzes about from friend to friend with ease. She now has 5,000 of them.

How it Works

iGab is the hottest new visual 3D voice messaging App.

  • The first ever visual 3D voice messaging App
  • The quirky combination of your voiced message brought to life by our 3D Gabber
  • And you can forward it by text message, email, twitter, facebook and other messaging methods.

In four simple and easy steps you can send emotionally charged animated voice messages.

Want to show somebody how you feel? Let the Gabber of your choice do the talking for you.

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For the past two years we have been assisting victims of Domestic Violence to escape from their abusive partners and environments. We have done complete home moves as well as escorting these women from homes and transporting them to family, or to a shelter, such as The Turning Point in Roanoke, Virginia, a secure Center that offers housing as well as assistance, counseling and legal advocacy. More Info >>

The services we currently provide are:

  • Light removal and relocation for women wishing to escape abusive situations More Info >>
  • Court escorts to and from hearings to prevent intimidation
  • Stalker assistance, when the protective order isn't the deterrent that they hoped for
  • A defense class called “The Cheat Technique”, which shows women of all ages and mobility, what they can do to protect themselves in a “real world situations”
  • We help in showing how to detect and deter, before having to defend an assault More Info >>
  • We are also putting together a group of volunteer "tutors", to teach job and life skills in order to help women be self sustaining, therefore less susceptible to falling back into an abusive situation
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